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Invest in Vehicle Pawn Shops on our worldwide crowdfunding platform for auto salons and receive a daily interest in perpertuity.

Our program Statistics

Launch date:May 16, 2016
Days online:102
Total members:1000
Total investments:$31662.77
Last withdrawal:$0.56

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This week`s investment target*

Weekly goal achieved by................10.49%

*Every week we launch an investment round with a target amount to be raised. If the goal is not attained at the close of the business week, then adjustments are made to the interest rate and amount to be raised on the following week. Otherwise, if the full amount is raised the interest rate is either frozen or adjusted for the next round. This is so as to secure your Return On Investment.

Your investment plan


First dividend payout24h
Min & Max Investments$20-$50
Dividend calculationeach business day
Investment period10 days / 110%
Insurancenot applicable
Deposit refundnot applicable

About us

Top Total LTD – is a company with a lot of experience and success in the Car Pawn Shop industry. Our cohesive team of professionals is constantly engaged in the search for, analysis and selection of the best investment proposals and opportunities for our clients.

Due to the constantly growing market and demand for our services, we have decided to attract investors' funds for a more aggressive development strategy aimed at monopolizing this line of business and industry.

We accept deposits for an indefinite term and payout perpetual dividends to our investors.

We have developed an elaborate, flexible and realistic financial plan for our expansion with a detailed breakdown of the required funds.

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TopTotal LTD

Weekly news !

Aug 23, 2016 08:58

Dear investors!
According to last week's results, the target limit was fulfilled by 71%...


Weekly news !

Aug 16, 2016 09:45

Dear investors!
According to last week's results, the target limit was fulfilled by 44%...


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Current rate:2.80%   11%
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1 month:
1 year:


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